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Calling B*!!%$?t on “New Year, New Me”

  Happy New Year!Β  As I type away for my first blog of the New Year, it is now 8th January 2019. I can't believe a week has passed already! I try to always jot down a few notes prior to writing a blog post. Being the first of the year, as you'd expect, my… Continue reading Calling B*!!%$?t on “New Year, New Me”

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Something About Sevilla

Hola? Como estas? Yo hablo espanol? si, claro! Yes, that's right. I can speak Spanish. I lived in Spain for one year. Why?Β  I lived in Spain, Sevilla, to be precise, during my undergraduate degree. I studied Spanish at the University of Birmingham, and a compulsory part of that was to live in a Spanish-speaking… Continue reading Something About Sevilla