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Welcome to my Blog!

Let’s start at the very beginning…

As I sit here at my desk, ready to dive head first into this “blogging adventure”, I am pondering the “what, and, why I am starting this blog page” (as all the “Blogging 101/ Help Pages” suggest). In truth, I keep coming back to one word. It seems silly, but it is as simple as there being one word, one reason, one singular motivation for me. And that, my friends, is FREEDOM.

Living in a society, which is so heavily controlled, contrived and calculated (whether by ourselves, by the media, or employers, to name a few),  I think it is a rare privilege to find a platform where one can express themselves freely, and in a safe space where you can create whatever content you like. Blogging seems to be one of those platforms… to an extent.

With that in mind, and in the spirit of full transparency, my objective with this site is to create a safe space to share my thoughts, ideas, and any advice or tips I pick up, as I journey through my day-to-day life. I chose a blog as the platform for this because I like the idea of being able to interact, and have discussions with like-minded people (and those, who undoubtedly will disagree with me on certain topics).

For any of you who do, in fact, choose to read my page and interact with me (which I whole-heartedly welcome), thank you in advance!

So without further ado, welcome to my page… I am the HANGRY LAWYER.

Go check out the About Me page for a full de-brief on what I’m all about!


Hey, what’s the big idea?

As I said, I simply want to create a platform for sharing (almost) anything to do with lifestyle.

It is my FREEDOM page, for sharing my life adventures and documenting anything I deem worthy.

I hope that it will come to be a little sanctuary for me, my escape from daily life, and my platform to have a creative outlet. (I’m also hoping that with time, this whole blogging thing will come more naturally to me)

The following is a list of some of the general topics I intend to cover, mostly because it’s what I know, though I am sure it will be subject to change as I evolve over time (hopefully). But for now:

  • Life as a Trainee Solicitor – careers and actual daily working life.
  • Life as a Foodie with Allergies – recipes, food health tips, restaurant suggestions and reviews (including rants and praise where allergy life is handled well).
  • Travel – where I’ve been, where I’d like to go, and my travel tips.
  • Life as a Fitness Freak – covering beginners and those a little more familiar with an active lifestyle.
  • Beauty, Fashion and top tips for saving money on lifestyle “necessities”
  • Balancing all of the above with a social life, spending time with family and friends, ensuring you have a little “me time”, and whatever else takes my fancy!

I would love to receive questions and/or comments about any of my blog posts, as well as suggestions of topics you would love to hear more/less about. You can do that by heading to my Contact page, or commenting on any of my posts.

I also have a new Instagram feed connected to this site so feel free to go and check it out – my handle is – follow along!

One final thought as I wrap up my little welcome post. As this is my first experience with blogging, and of course, as I suspect all bloggers intend, I am trying to create a positive environment,. So, please keep any negative or nasty comments to yourself. After all, this site is all about #FREEDOM.

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to interacting with you!

~ The Hangry Lawyer, xoxo ~

*Disclaimer – None of the information I post is to be construed as professional advice, guidance, or information. Please conduct your own research and form your own opinions. This is my personal blog and should not be taken as anything more than that.*

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