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Fear of Failure

How many times have you thought about either (a) trying something new, (b) changing something fundamental about yourself, (c) talking to friends or family about something awkward, upsetting, difficult, etc, but you decide not to because of "The Fear"? Fear of failing at something new Fear of being rejected Fear of making a fool of… Continue reading Fear of Failure

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Food, Glorious Food!

I thought I'd kick off my posts on food, by sharing a little of my background, my likes, my dislikes, my obsessions and my guilty pleasures. I sincerely invite comments and opinions, and would love to receive recommendations that might be applicable. So, a lot of what I eat when out in restaurants, on holiday,… Continue reading Food, Glorious Food!

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Welcome to my Blog!

Let's start at the very beginning... As I sit here at my desk, ready to dive head first into this "blogging adventure”, I am pondering the “what, and, why I am starting this blog page” (as all the “Blogging 101/ Help Pages” suggest). In truth, I keep coming back to one word. It seems silly,… Continue reading Welcome to my Blog!