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Macros and Nutrition: I’m Bored Reading About It!

When you see this title “Macros and Nutrition“, what springs to mind?

“Oh no, not another post on macros”

“It’s too confusing”

“I don’t understand what any of it means”

“They don’t know what they’re talking about”

^^^ To name a few, right?

I’m pretty sure I’ve had all of these thoughts, plus far more.

I will admit before I get into this that I am in no way qualified to give advice, and as always, I suggest taking the time to do your own research and speak to professionals with the appropriate qualifications and certifications for anything to do with this subject. I only speak from personal experience and the contents of this post are only my opinions.

With that in mind, I thought I would simply discuss the impact that this influx/ambushing of information across social media has on our lives nowadays, and the ways in which I think we can avoid the confusion altogether.

If you are, in fact, interested to know what macro plan/nutrition I follow, I would happily dedicate a post to that. Let me know in the comment box below!

Key Common Words

Calorie deficit. Calorie surplus. Eat more carbs. Don’t eat carbs. Follow a plant-based diet. Drink a glass of wine a day. Don’t drink alcohol. Have a square of chocolate every evening. Don’t eat chocolate. Try being keto-genic. Go dairy free. Don’t touch gluten. Only eat organic. Have a superfood with every meal. Protein, protein, protein. Treat yourself. Cheat meals ruin progress…

And that, is only the half of it. I haven’t even touched on exercise yet (Don’t worry, I’ll save that for another post).

I often find myself wondering, whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed or listening to the news, or reading the newspaper on my way to work, how on earth is the average, non-active, new to health and fitness person, supposed to know what is good or bad for them, based on the plethora of conflicting stories and information we are provided with all the time.

It appears as though people are just guessing what health trend to follow each week. When the people you claim to look up to and are inspired by are promoting a different trend almost monthly, it’s next to impossible to keep up. It barely gives you the chance to even see if that particular craze or system is working for you.

Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t scientific research and hard facts to back up every claim that is made; I just think that as a society, we are heading down a slippery slope, which is only going to lead to immense confusion to the point where eventually people will did-engage altogether. That would be catastrophic, as it means those honest, reliable and accurate sources of information are being saturated and glossed over, and are not making their way to those who want the truth.

If I were new to health and fitness, I would be hugely overwhelmed by all that social media offers in this regard, and I would not know where to start.

So, that’s enough of a rant for now. For any newbies out there or for those of you who are sick to death (like I am) of reading about all of this, I recommend the following:

  • Ignore people on social media claiming to be the fountain of knowledge in respect of all things health and fitness
  • Only trust reliable sources where you know that the person(s) has studied and understands what they are talking about
  • In the first instance, I would highly suggest going to a doctor if you plan on making any drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle, because you always need to ensure you try things safely. Cutting any food groups out of your diet can lead to long-term damage to your body and organs, so always seek advice first.
  • If you think you are someone who has an addictive personality, it’s even more reason to ignore the fabrications and claims that if you eat how “so and so” claims they do (which more often than not they don’t, they’re just trying to sell a post and make money in some way). So, go through your social media, and delete or unfollow anything that could trigger you into unhealthy habits.
  • Most of all, remember, you are you. No one else has your DNA, your personality, or body composition. There is no one size fits all. Everyone should be healthy, but this can be extremely different based on the individuals. So, do your research, and remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. A way of life, not a quick fix for that bikini pic.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, or have any questions, please comment below! I value your feedback and it helps me to gauge if you’re enjoying certain content so that I can continue to provide more! I’d also love suggestions for more topics you’d like me to cover.

As always, “Stay Hangry“!

~The Hangry Lawyer, xoxo ~



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