Sober October

October? Already?

Are you gearing up to think about what Christmas presents you are going to buy, and where you’re having your Christmas lunch, or is that the furthest thought from your mind and you want to pull the radio from your car when you hear Christmas adverts?!

For me, it’s somewhere in the middle. I’d say I’m mostly only looking forward to Christmas because my office closes over the holiday and that means I get a good 10-day break from work (bells chiming, birds tweeting, balloons popping in my head…)

Having said that, I am filled with dread and fear that by the time I come back to work post-Christmas (a.k.a 2019… WTF?!), I will be approaching (please lord) qualification as a solicitor. Although that in itself is terrifying, it also poses a million and one questions, thoughts, and problems for me, as I have to think about things such as: which department I want to qualify into, and which firm I’d like to be at. Ahhhhh! So yeah, I’m happy to stay this side of the year and for it approach with caution, at the pace of a snail!

Anyway, putting my predicaments to one side, I made a somewhat conscious decision recently, having heard it across multiple social media and news forums, which is that people need to start becoming more accountable to themselves, and more proactive in terms of setting life goals. Supposedly, people who do not set goals, will not achieve the same levels of happiness as those who do. I suppose it makes sense, because I always know how I feel at work when I get through my to-do list and check each item off; it’s like a mini success each time. So on a larger scale, and with things that actually mean something to you, it must be a pretty awesome feeling! Now I don’t mean that we should be sitting down and planning out the rest of our lives, but I truly think it’s important to set certain goals and targets, some short term; and some longer term. As well as the hopefully awesome feeling of achieving them, it gives your day-to-day life meaning without realising it, and each day, no matter how large or small the task is, you will be working towards something, which gives you a strong sense of purpose.

I’ll admit, I haven’t made much of a start with these lists, but I had one specific thought in mind last week. It’s a pretty random one in terms of achieving a goal, and it doesn’t really serve to dramatically change my life in anyway, but hey, starting small is still starting!

In the coming months (November and December specifically), I have many alcohol fuelled events  to attend. I have weddings; Christmas parties; birthday events, and the Christmas period itself, so I just know it will be quite full on. So, I have decided that whilst I have a relatively quiet month, I would challenge myself to Sober October. No drinking alcohol for 31 days… she types whilst crying internally as we are 3 days in, and I would love a glass of wine tonight!

I started on Monday (being 1st October), and so far so good! You’re probably thinking, “hey, that’s easy, it’s only been 3 days and it’s the middle of the week”. Well yes, you’re right. The real challenges will be skipping my Friday afternoon whiskey club at work (yup, that’s a thing); that glass of wine I crave on a Saturday night; and that gin and tonic I just love if I’m at an event or out with some friends (I also have a wedding in a couple of weeks so that will be interesting!).

I guess I’m excited to see how I handle myself and the challenge, and to see what my thoughts are in terms of how I perceive these events and social gatherings. As someone who has always exercised, and who is extremely competitive with everyone (including myself) I feel that it’s important to challenge myself in different ways. I can’t imagine there will be huge noticeable changes but it seems like a good challenge nonetheless.

As a little background point, I’ve never been the type to drink excessively; I’d say I am a casual drinker purely in social settings. I’ve never felt as though I need to drink something to have a good time, and more often than not on those occasions where I haven’t drank anything, for whatever reason, I always feel much better the next day and I’m grateful to myself.

So, I’m interested. Have any of you tried going sober at all? Let me know your experiences and any tips you might have for me! I guess the best one I can think of is to drive everywhere, so I can’t even be tempted!

I’m sure it’ll be difficult, but I love a challenge and I hope to reap the rewards for my mind, body and soul! I’ll check back in with this one throughout the month to update you!

As always, feel free to leave a comment in the box below 🙂

~The Hangry Lawyer, xoxo~

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