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Are you a Sweaty Betty?

Welcome back to my blog guys!

Hopefully, any of you who have read several of my posts, or simply the “About The Hangry Lawyer” page, will know that I am big into health and fitness, including healthy food recipes (not forgetting I love treats too!), and exercising hard.

Importantly though, I like trying new things, so I’m always on the look out for different ways of training, seeking out new restaurants, and trying to ensure that my diet has huge variety. I’m sure some of you will agree that with a full-time job it’s often challenging to achieve variety, particularly in diet, but also changing it up in the gym, when you know you have 40 minutes, you just want to get in, do your thing, and be done ASAP. It’s all about using the “free” time you do have to get jobs done quickly so that you can maximise “chill time”.


Well, as part of my search for variety, I recently attended the Sweaty Betty Live Event in Shoreditch, London. I had such a fantastic day there, learned a lot, discovered new things such as food samples and brands, new training tips and ideas, beauty products, and information I learned from attending talks. So, I thought it would be cool to share the best bits with you guys.


Just briefly, I bought the mid-level ticket, which gave me the chance to try 2 gym classes, attend 2 talks, and I had access for 4 hours to check out the Sweaty Betty store with a discount on their latest range of clothing and accessories, and to hit the food stands, beauty halls, yoga sanctuary and much more. Oh, and, I also received a Sweaty Betty goodie bag worth £70 (almost double the price of the ticket for the day, so it was more than well worth it!)

The Day: Classes and Talks

I chose to go to a Barry’s Bootcamp class, a Paola’s Body Barre class, a talk on Having your Cake and Eating It,  with Olivia Wollenberg and Jasmine Hemsley, and a Hormones 101 talk, with Angelique Panagos. Other class options included Rebel London, Another Space, Third Space, Psycle, Pilates PT, and more!

I have to admit, as the classes were supposed to be taster sessions, they were only 40 minutes, and I assumed they would be really easy or at least quite basic to cater for all the types of people in attendance. Boy, how wrong I was. They were both incredibly challenging, gave such an insight into what the classes are about, and I thoroughly enjoyed them – and was exhausted by the end of the day. I hadn’t tried either class before, but I certainly intend on seeking them out to go again.

In respect of the talks – each 30 minutes and hosted by Form Nutrition – I certainly would say that they were informative and interesting. Particularly with the hormones talk, I feel as though I took information away with me. I was really impressed with the quality of the talks, especially as they were only 30 minutes, I’m only sad I didn’t have time to attend any more!

Brands at the Event

In the gaps between the talks and classes that I attended, there was plenty of time to have a look at the food stalls and what they had on offer. As my session was 12-4pm, I was able to get lunch there. There was a huge variety on offer, from Island poke and Farmgirl Café, to Detox Kitchen and Pho, and many, many more. I chose an Island poke bowl, which was delicious! There were also the following stands:

  • Rude Health
  • Coconut Collaborative
  • C Press
  • Pollen and Grace
  • Maple & Co
  • Magic Falafel
  • Raw Bake Station

My only critique of the food stalls, and this is quite personal to me, is that as a nut allergy sufferer, there were very few “treat” products that I could have tried, should I have wanted to (I was stuffed from lunch). It all looked so delicious, the raw chocolate snacks, coconut frozen yoghurt bowls, raw brownies, etc. I do intend on going back to the event next year as it was so awesome but I really hope that the options are better for me!

Having said all of that, I was supremely impressed with Farmgirl café who were using Rude Health products at their coffee stand. I tried an oat matcha latte. It was divine. All of the milks being used were of the nut variety, except for the oat milk. They could not have been more accommodating by using fresh equipment to ensure I could get my coffee! It’s the little things in life!

Of course I had a look at the Sweaty Betty store, checked out the beauty products (Duck and Dry; Cult Beauty, Fresh; Caudalie; Living Proof; Oskia; Urban Veda) but as my session was drawing to a close I didn’t have time to make any purchases! Thankfully, my goodie bag was filled to the brim with some samples…

The Goodie Bag

I collected my goodie bag on the way out, and spent the whole journey home on the train marvelling at its contents! Included was:

  • Sweaty Betty tank top
  • Emily crisps
  • Bounce protein balls
  • Teapigs tea bag
  • Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk
  • Primrose Kitchen granola
  • Pretty athletic pre and post workout hydrating spray
  • Urban veda purifying day cream sachet
  • Pulsin protein bar
  • Sukin cleanser
  • Fresh soy face balm

Just a few bits and bobs hey… !!!

So, obviously the protein balls and bars were a no-go for me. My brother was all too thrilled to snap those up.

I’m working my way through the beauty products, so I will withhold from commenting until I can give a fair appraisal.

My favourite item that I have tried so far was the Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk – oh my goodness, first of all, it is a nut free product! So rare to find. I have contacted Rebel Kitchen to express my gratitude, and will definitely buy from them more often. But, I used this to make my oats, and it was so delicious. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend!

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Aside from having a huge variety in my day and learning a lot, and all the freebies of course, it was really cool to discover new brands and products I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.

I actually attended the day by myself (a friend was supposed to go with me but she was unwell on the day!). I could’ve easily just sold my ticket, but I forced myself out of my comfort zone, and I am so pleased that I did. I chatted to some girls who were also attending solo, and within minutes of arriving, I knew I had made the right decision.

It pays off to push yourself, and I have learnt to always go for these things, try something new, because the reward will usually always (hopefully) be worth it!

Until next time guys, “Stay Hangry

~The Hangry Lawyer, xoxo~

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